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Colton Sturgeon

Psychic: Episode 1 - The Revelation

Brian Miller is a fake psychic with local notoriety for being a real psychic. After an evening seminar, he answers a knock on his door. James Carter is grief-stricken; his son had been kidnapped on his way home from school earlier that day, and he asks Brian for help in locating him. Brian, who avoids any real test of his psychic ability, tries to humor James and get him to leave. However, James pulls a gun and forces, Brian to help.

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Matt and Ann Teason are a married research team working for the multi-national company Holographics, Inc. Their project for creating artificial intelligence is to copy a person’s memory and neural network into a holographic memory cube. After years of work, they successfully copied Ann’s memory and network patterns into a holocube. But before releasing their work to Holographics and the US government, they take a much-needed vacation.

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