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Psychic: Episode 1


Psychic: Episode 1 - The Revelation

In Part 1, “Revelations,” we are introduced to Brian Miller, who creates the illusion of being a psychic with a convincing facade of supernatural abilities.

The kidnapping of James Carter’s son sets the wheels of Brian Miller’s destiny into motion. Johnny Carter was abducted on his way home from school; the police's best efforts could not locate the child. Driven by desperation, James seeks help from Brian, requesting psychic guidance on his son’s where abouts.

Fearing exposure, Brian tries to steer James back to law enforcement, emphasizing their expertise in kidnapping situations. James has a different idea; he escalates the situation by pressing the muzzle of a gun to Brian’s head, coercing his ‘psychic’ intervention—to find his son or die.

Thus begins a tense odyssey through Staten Island and Queens as the reluctant psychic and the desperate father delve deeper into the unknown. Brian grapples with unexpected mental impressions and flickers of images he cannot rationalize. He perceives them as fragments from his subconscious, possibly his mind’s attempt to navigate the dangerous circumstances, yet he is uncertain.

The pair find themselves in the desolate fringes of Kennedy Airport in Queens. As Brian's involuntary visions become increasingly vivid, he's left to question the nature of his reality as each psychic image draws him deeper into a web of actual premonitions —could there be a sliver of truth in his psychic visions?

The search crescendos in the haunting shadows of Kennedy Airport, where the line between psychic fabrications and tangible realities blur.

The following four books in the series show Brian solving more paranormal cases.