by john iovine

Digital Kirlian Photography

Red Light Therapy

Digital Kirlian Photography

Experimenter's guide for building your own Kirlian photography equipment saving you hundreds of dollars. Use your own digital camera, iPhone or low light video camera to capture the hidden electrical portraits of many common objects. Kirlian photography is a high voltage contact print style process.Kirlian images capture the luminous corona discharge between the subject and a high voltage electric field. No external light source is used in creating these images.

5000 Clinical Scientific Studies show Red Light Therapy helps: Increase hair growth and reduce hair loss Increase muscle endurance, strength, and recovery Supports weight and fat loss Use as a treatment for arthritis and joint inflammation Improves skin rejuvenation Treatment for skin conditions like eczema Improves brain's cognitive function Treatment for neurodegenerative disease Anti-aging and longevity support This book provides critical information for making informed decisions for purchasing Red Light Therapy equipment and guidelines to begin Red Light Therapy at home to maximize your health.