Colton Sturgeon

Improving AI-Generated Faces

It’s a great tool for restoring old and/or damaged photographs. My interest was
fixing AI-generated portraits that sometimes create facial images that are
a little wonky.

The AI that turns your sketches into Art

AI is doing phenomenal things. I ran across this AI called “diffuse the rest”
that can turn sketches into pictures and art.

DALL-E2 Is Open for Business

As with most AI platforms, you are given a few credits to try the software
out before being asked to purchase access.

Canva’s AI Text to Image Generator

Canva has numerous templates that help simplifies the graphic design process.
75 million people currently use Canva, and 67% of those people are
paid subscribers.

Bias and Racism are Baked Into AI

Artificial Intelligence should not be programmed with bias. Yet it is. There are
definitive and demonstrative biases against White people and

How to Encrypt Hidden Copyright Data into Your AI-Rendered

The explosion of AI-rendered artwork has brought many copyright issues to
the forefront. My previous article explained how to register the copyright of your
AI-rendered artwork with the USPTO.

Simple Text Portraits

This is a simple prompt technique that works across the board for many
platforms, including Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-E2 , and more.

Using AI To Write and Illustrate Your Book

With the increase of AI assistance for writing and illustrating a book, creating
a book for publication has become easier.

Improving “Hard-to-Edit-Facial-Images” in AI Renderings

Most people who generate AI images will, at one time or another, generate
an image that is good except for the face.

Animate your favorite AI rendering

This website creates a lifelike motion video of your AI rendering. The AI is
designed to work with only faces on heads.